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TNR Fab Engineering

Contact TNR Fab for quick and professional office and housing building fabrication in Sri Lanka.

Vision of TNR Fab

TNR Fab Engineering provides a variety of services ranging from building fabrication to building project management and consultation. Specialising in steel and RCC materials, TNR Fab utilises a number of international quality products to accomplish all forms of building as well as enginering projects.


Values of TNR Fab

TNR Fab Engineering (Pvt) Ltd operates on the following core values as well as a number of other aspects and these have enabled the company to serve each and every client in a highly fruitful manner.

Our Core Values

History of TNR Fab

TNR Fabrication Engineering has two key instrumental benefits - proven success of the company in a number of building fabrication, engineering, and construction projects as well as the extensive experience of its Lead Engineers and Upper Management.

Historical Timeline of TNR Fab: