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Why Select TNR Fab Engineering?

Completed over 50 projects with success.
All Clients are highly satisfied with our services!
High speed projects to save Your time
Fast delivery of construction materials to any site.
Ideas and consultancy services by our Experts.
Planned with checklists and project schedules!
Weather-proof homes, offices, and factories.
Modern work approach using technology.
Professional relationships enhanced with trust.
Highly safe and secure work environments.
Eco-friendly and proper waste management.
Easy to contact and friendly staff members.

Business Values of TNR Fab

Our Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Designers, and Labourers focus on Your Satisfaction at all times.

Time is important to You and our team. We make on-time completion a priority.

Quality and Safety is at sky-high levels at all our work sites and offices.

Each project is valuable to us and we treat every fabrication and construction with a 100% commitment.

TNR Fab has a proven success in multi-storied housing, offices and industrial structures.

TNR Fab also has completed homes, small offices and other small-scale projects with success.


Every single detail of Your Project is carefully examined and planned.


Our experts use high quality materials, machinery and technology to build Your Building.


Your Dream will be fulfilled quicky, safely and elegantly just the way You want it.

  • We at TNR Fab Engineering introduce our
    business online world to support our valuable Clients.
  • All information are presented via
    articles, infographics, artwork and documentation
  • Our Quality, Pricing, Time and
    Satisfaction standards will be unmatched.
    1. Are you thinking about building your own dream home?
    2. Does your new office building bring worries to your mind?
    3. Building your dream expectations needs expertise and experience.
    1. TNR Fab has the expertise and experience you need.
    2. Additionally, all your extra requirements will be fulfilled.
    3. Our Quality, Pricing, Time and Satisfaction standards will be unmatched.