Analysis of Steel Fabrication Industry

Improvements in Steel Building Fabrication

The research paper on a comparative analysis of integrated iron and steel companies formulated by Kawabata (2012) reveals that technology has played a key role in developing the steel and iron industries as well as the related building construction / engineering sector.

Technology is part and parcel of any industrial improvement and Hao, Ho, and Wong have affirmed that technology has been instrumental in improving the steel building industry (Hao, Ho, and Wong).

Primary Safety Factors in Building Construction Projects

How Safety Helps all Construction Project Partners

It is common knowledge that safety is required in constructing buildings but not many are aware that every single stakeholder is affected by safety issues. The comprehensive research of Radziszewska-Zielina and Szewczyk (2014) proves this fact as it states that safety is a major concern for all building construction project partners, including contractors, suppliers, top management, and workers.

Increasing construction project safety directly leads to a reduction in project costs (Gambatese and Hinze, 1998). Consequently, in a financial sense, focussing on safety issues is advantageous as lower number of injuries, legal cases, and time waste occurs.

Role of Research and Development in Steel Fabrication

Kawabata (2012) stresses the fact that a “Research and Development” or “R&D” is a vital component in any production system, including in steel and iron production companies. Further analysis of researches revealed that steel fabrication and construction companies will acquire the capability to develop in a more efficient manner if an internal research and development unit is established (Kawabata, 2012). Moreover, analysts have suggested that the integration of technology has resulted in development and advancement in steel-based firms and to an extent, this has been possible due to internal research and development units.

Primary Safety Factors in Building Construction Projects

TNR Fab in the Sri Lankan Steel Fabrication Industry

Sri Lanka has witnessed rapid urban and rural development over the years and TNR Fabrication Engineering has been able to serve this sector. Lead Engineers at TNR Fabrication Engineering highlighted the significance of honest steel building fabrication as this will result in a safer and high quality development in Sri Lanka.


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