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Research Articles for Clients
by TNR Fab Engineering

Buildings can be considered to be a key visual evidence of modern development and progression. Sri Lanka has experienced rapid growth in all sectors related to building pre-fabrication, engineering, and construction and TNR Fab Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has successfully helped a large number of clients to fulfil their life-long dreams.

Why has TNR Fab Engineering (Pvt) Ltd achieved success in all criteria related to the fabrication and construction of homes, apartments, offices, factories, warehouses, industrial plants, and other buildings? The key reason behind the high success rates in all our construction projects can be attributed to our dedicated, loyal, and prolific staff members.

Our highly experienced, skilled, and qualified Lead Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Draftsmen, Labourers, and other members of staff work in a cohesive unity that results in a quick, safe, durable, affordable, as well as satisfactory end product that has captured the hearts of all of our clients.

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Aiming for Higher Safety in Construction Projects

Researches have written about the importance of and the need to eliminate common safety hazards in building construction and fabrication environments.

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Analysis of Steel Fabrication Industry

The research paper on a comparative analysis of integrated iron and steel companies formulated...

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Steel Building Fabrication Machines

You would be amazed at the variety of steel fabrication machinery and equipment available in the modern world.

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Training Workshops in Sri Lankan Steel Construction Industry

The dawn of every day revolutionises the modern global world due to swift technological progression and the identification of new scientific information.

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Roller-Compacted Concrete for Sri Lankan Building Construction

It is necessary and even mandatory to ensure the highest possible quality in any construction project in Sri Lanka or any other nation.

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Safety Standards in Building Fabrication of Sri Lanka

A safety culture in the building construction and fabrication sector is required because of the “humanitarian aspect”...

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